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Тексты треков альбома MC L.E. - In Spite of All 2004

01 Mc L.E. - Intro The Beginning

Moove away,step a side,
I'm comein' through,it's L.E.
It's time 2 slap u with my lirics,
Come on ,hater,hate me.
Nazys try 2 kill me,
Police try 2 cuff me,
I can not b stoped,
So how da fuck can u stop me?
I'm from Tbilisi,republic of Georgia,
South Caucasus.
Kickin' mad rhymes
And u can not fuck with this.
I'm comein' up,makein' u loos
And i keep winnin'.
..and thats just a beginning!

02 Mc L.E. - It's Time

Time has come,
It's time 4 me 2 blow the spot up,
Here comes my rhyme as a bullet.
Pup!, pup!
Time has come,
It's time 4 me 2 blow the spot up,
Here comes my rhyme as a bullet.
Time 2 rock! (what?!)

Ya'll mothafuckaz r mistakin' if u think i stop rappin'.
Im gonna keep doin' my thang ain't no matter what happens.
Ya'll know i rap solo but i got enough rhimes 2 destroy any group
By my own,yo,without usein' 44.
I told ya'll wak rappers,u can't rap,ur rap is wak,
Just don't touch the fuckin' mic and that's that!
Those that go against me, get smacked,u get that?
U gatta deal with this, mothafuckaz,'cos L is back.
Puffin' on best hash, sippin' on cognac, man,
Fuckin' ur bitch and right after that,make rap tracks.
Record lables can't b trusted, this game is a trap, man.
Makes u work with some crooked punks, even if u dont respect them.
But i ain't sellin' my soul 4 this rap game, it ain't happenin'.
I'm just triein' 2 do my thang and get paied.
I keep milkin' this game while tha beat dops, i act eccording 2 my strategy,
Call me San Zue of hip hop.u betta give up!

2 me there is no mothafukin' rivals. Only enemies that wanna burry me
But they r afraide of me,c 'em runnin' outta club when i'm gettin in'.
C 'em runnin' away when they c me,they hate me but they wanna b me.
They wanna c me dead but it's too fuckin' hard 2 kill me.
So, all these punks r able 2 do is runnin' their mouth 24/7,
Which is exacly what they b doin'.
Some of them say they dont like da language i rap in,
Others just don't wanna hear what i say in my rap shit
Actualy i don't realy care, but funniest thang is that
Non of them can deny my skills and that's 4 real.
So, here's a message 2 them cocksuckers that playahate on me
Whatever u do,u r tha same old lil' punk and i am a same old kin

03 Mc L.E. Ft. Fleur - Struggle

(life is struggle)
Y does it have 2 b this way?,
This pain in my soul is it here 2 stay?,
Tell me is it prise 2 pay 2 make things change?,
Every day i'm on my kneez 2 pray.
(dear lord save me!)

My life ain't nothing but a struggle,i'm outta focuse and stressed out,
Life keepes me trapped in a townwhere im not wellcome.
People out here lable u terrorists,killers,or coce dealers,
If u r from africa,central asia,or caucasus.
Every other day is full of beefin' and street fights,
Plus i gatta get outta poverty,triein' from dawn 2 midnight.
Survival ervery day can make u use ur gun,hommy,
Croocked police try 2 put me in jail or take a bribe from me.
This aint livein',i'm goin' insain.
Puffin' on hash,hopein' hash will take my worries away.
Somtimes in this world ur self is ur only friend.
If u dont belive that just open ur eyes and u'll c that.

I can't fight my sadness,'cos i don't know how,
When i resive phonecalls from my homies in my hometown.
When i ask:"what's goin' on there?" they say:"hommy it's all tha same,
Seems like:"it's changed but on a real,its a same game."
A.K. still is the instrument that they use 2 get paied.
Gunfights still in fasione,if u wanna stay alive then stay awake.
Little kids still go 2 steal instead of schoole.
They carry guns and busst 4 fun,they wanna b mobsters,sain':"it's cool!"
Mothafuckin' polititions dont give a fuck about nothing,
They get rich and rob country while people die hungry.
Drugs and poverty,still the biggest problems,
Youngstas die with niddles in arms,or become killas and thugs, man.
Life's hell when u don't know if u'll live 2 c tomorrow,
But hope of better life never dies,despite sorrow.
We all know it's gonna b ok,'cos after darkest night there's a brighter day,
But today life ain't nothing but astrruggle.

04 Mc L.E. - In Spite Of All

Once again it's on!, it's implacable rebel with a microphone.
I'm in the house,so,all ya'll haters gatta go.
I'm unstopable,ya'll know i ain't never gonna stop.
When i get the mic i'm gonna rock,hater better run if i holr a glock.
I'm from the town of a grate warriors and real g's.
But know i live away from home and cops try 2 get me.
My life ain't never been easy,went throu the yeares of struggle.
But i was tald 2 keep my head up,never stomble.
That's the life of a street fellow,i win when i sappose 2 loos.
Those that criticise me,wouldn't live a day in my shoos.
(yea!) i saw revolution and war when i was 9 years old
But i'm still alive and strong,in spite of all.

Now i'm hangin' in a studio,makein' beats and rhymes,
But still can't walk away from the streets and crime.
This game is more than hennesy,bitches,weed and rough rap,
When mothafuckaz try 2 bust u,u try 2 bust back.(no doubt!)
Whatever not kill me,it only make me stronger.
U think i give up? u r wrong,son.ain't no stoppin' me,i told ya.
My people r solders that fight 4 freedom.
A lotta mothafukaz try but aint nobody can beat us.
I am a son of my nation.what im sayin' is
Ain't nobody can slave me,just like ain't nobody can slave caucasus.
I got my game on and ain't nobody can fuck with this.
White fashists try 2 kill me but i bust their mothafuckin' asses.
And all of the wak rappers that fuck around,gonna get smacked,
'cos they smile in my face and talk shit behinde my back.

If u thad i was gone,u was wrong.
U gatta know,i'll never stop,
In spite of all!
I'll never give up,
I'm gonna fight till the end,
In spite of all of the obstacles,
In spite of everything.

I will never stomble and fall,i'm gonna stay strong inspite of all!

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10 Mc L.E. - Freestyle
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